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Linked data is a powerful approach to sharing information across the web. It is enabling governments to publish their data to better inform and empower citizens, enabling companies to connect information across silos to aid decision making, and enabling developers to combine data from across organizations to deliver better services.

As experts in all aspects of linked data, Epimorphics can enable you to get the most out of your data assets – help you model, publish and exploit them.




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A key first step in this journey is to model your data, to organize it, to understand and capture its structure so that it can be reused and linked. We have worked with clients from not-for-profit organizations to national governments, delivering data models for applications ranging from carbon footprinting to sports broadcasting. See our projects page for more examples.

To share and link data across organizational boundaries you need to publish it in an appropriate form. You will need processes and technical infrastructure to capture, transform, and validate the data before publication.

We have experience of successfully helping our clients to manage all of these issues, whether on government finance data, environmental records or school statistics. We can help you provision your own data-hosting platform, or help you select a data hosting provider.

Published data is only as valuable as the applications that allow your staff and customers to use it.

We can draw on our experience of a wide range of rich-client implementation technologies to help with the design, development and evaluation of interactive linked-data apps.

With our team of experts in linked data, and the associated standards and technologies, we can help you at all levels. We offer:

» Consultancy services to help you model, publish and exploit data.

» Software tools and support services. Our team includes many of the original developers and current committers on Apache Jena*, and we offer full commercial support for Jena.

» Training in all aspects of linked data.

*Apache Jena is currently an incubator project of the Apache Software Foundation.