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At Epimorphics, we help you make the most of your data, creating apps and data visualisations designed to deliver information into the hands of those who need it. Make better business decisions with the insight provided by the new clarity of the existing data.

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Experts in data

We can help you to identify new opportunities for using and integrating datasets

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Leaders in digital

Our team of experts has a track record of creating innovative solutions that stretches over many years

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We set the standards

We’re at the forefront of developing standards, tools and applications for the web of data

Why linked data?

Linked data is a way of publishing data that means information is inter-connected and more meaningful, increasing its utility and economic potential.

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We work with businesses on projects from beginning to end, to develop effective strategies that make sense and use of their data. With our expertise in user-experience design, data management, and software development, we can help you

with modelling and with prototyping solutions through to live deployments and application development. We have a track record of working on innovative projects with a range of high profile UK and overseas clients.

your data

We offer a wide range of services and technical resources tailored to our customers. Our solutions are driven by our Data Sharing Platform and the

Metadata Registry, which together provide a powerful tool for making information usable.

Develop Data Strategies

We identify opportunities to help you use data more effectively in your business

Create Bespoke Solutions

We design and develop applications and data visualisations that put information into the hands of those who need it

Data Modelling

We design information models that enable your data to be published once and reused in a wide range of applications

Access Data Anywhere

Our data platform provides a reliable and flexible end-to-end solution

Reference Data

Our linked data registry makes it easy to discover and manage shared terms and concepts


Get your team up to speed with modelling, publishing and using linked data effectively

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About us

Founded in 2009, Epimorphics is at the forefront of developing standards, tools and applications for the future of data on the web. We work with organisations to design, organise, integrate and publish data.

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