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Founded in 2009, Epimorphics are at forefront of developing standards, tools and applications, working with organisations to organise and publish data.

Experts in data

Our team of experts has a track record of creating innovative solutions that stretches over many years. We can help you to identify new opportunities for using and integrating datasets.

We’re at the forefront of developing standards, tools and applications for the web of data.


Founded in 2009, Epimorphics are at forefront of developing standards, tools and applications, working with organisations to organise and publish data.

  • Data Strategist (Director), Alexander Coley


    Alex Coley

    Alex leads our strategy and account work. Alex has joined us after leading open data in Government (at Defra) with a wealth of experience at the interface between policy makers and technical teams. Alex has supported and participated in many standardisation and best-practice groups covering data and geography themes.

  • Managing Director, Martin Merry


    Martin Merry

    With a background in Mathematical Logic from Cambridge and Manchester, Martin puts many years of leadership experience at HP and elsewhere to good use in overseeing our client projects and developing new business.

  • CTO, Dave Reynolds


    Dave Reynolds

    Dave guides our strategic and technical priorities, and is the driving force behind much of the innovative software in our products and solutions. Dave regularly participates as an invited expert on a number of standardisation and best-practice activities, such as the UK Linked Data Working Group.

  • Finance Administrator

    Beth Hobbs

    After working in various private and public organisations since leaving the University of Exeter, Beth has joined Epimorphics to support the administration of our finances.

  • Linked Data Specialist

    Stuart Williams

    Stuart is a Linked Data Specialist who takes a leading role in our data systems architecture and modelling projects. Formerly chair of the W3C Technical Architecture group, Stuart also consults on standardisation activities around linked and open data.

  • User Researcher, Lizzie Scuffell

    UX Designer

    Lizzie Scuffell

    Lizzie’s expertise focuses on understanding user needs and supporting service design. Lizzie has a background in user research and business analysis often with open and linked-data projects.

  • Software Developer, Simon Oakes

    Senior Engineer

    Simon Oakes

    Simon’s focus is in the engineering team supporting front and back-end projects.  Simon has a MSci Mathematics, and has previously worked on clinical and financial software.


    Paul Shabajee

    Paul’s expertise focuses on improving user experience through analysing the interface between linked data technologies and user needs. He is also a research fellow at the University of Bristol.

  • Software Engineer, Joseph Davies

    Software Engineer

    Joseph Davies

    Joseph is a Computational and Data Journalism graduate with an interest in visualising and communicating data, and storytelling with data on the web. He works on front-end development for web applications.

  • Software Engineer

    Mihajlo Milosavljević

    Mihajlo is a software engineer working on our data platform team. He joined Epimorphics after graduating from the University of Bristol with a BSc(hons) in Computer Science.

  • Software Engineer, Bogdan Marc

    Software Engineer

    Bogdan Marc

    Bogdan is a software engineer with a keen interest in learning new technologies. He is part of our front-end team that focuses on the development of web applications around linked data. Bogdan graduated from the University of Bristol with a BSc in Computer Science.

  • Intern, Kal Ahmed

    Senior Solutions Architect

    Kal Ahmed

    Kal is a senior systems architect and software engineer with an extensive background in standards-based data and knowledge management. He is a frequent speaker and tutor on Linked Data and related topics and a long-time contributor to several open source projects including dotNetRDF.

  • OPS Lead, Andrew Pickin


    Andrew Pickin

    Andrew is a developer turned Unix system admin, having previously worked on high availability systems for GSM and satellite messaging platforms and more recently on big data platforms for UKHO. His interests lie system automation, monitoring and site reliability engineering.

  • Senior Delivery Manager

    Tom Guilbert

    Tom coordinates our customer and internal projects. He has recently joined us with many years experience of leading data teams and major projects in the public sector, including open data publication and geographic information systems.

  • Senior Engineer

    Jon Humphrey

    Jon has joined Epimorphics as a senior software engineer with a wealth of experience in the digital and web applications sector. Jon’s focus is within front-end and server side projects.

  • Software Engineer

    Dan Couzens

    Dan is a software engineer and part of our front-end team that focuses on the development of web applications that prioritise user experience and accessibility.

  • Linked Data Specialist

    Alex Tucker

    Alex is a Linked Data Specialist with a wealth of experience in the public and private sector on linked data, semantic web, data integration and data architecture projects. Alex plays a lead role in our data standards, data systems architecture and modelling projects.

  • Graphic & UI Designer

    Gemma Nash

    Gemma is a graphic designer with a background in industrial product design. She

  • Software Engineer

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