Data Consultancy Services

We offer a complete range of data consultancy services, including, data modelling, software design and development to support organisations needing to explore, design and exploit linked data.

Our team has a wealth of experience in all aspects of Linked Data and semantic technologies. We are recognised globally for building and contributing to the development of open data standards and open source technologies that are trusted and used in the public and private sector. Our team have also been active in supporting the development of Open Data Initiatives within the UK. We helped to develop the standards that underpin linked data.

We co-developed Apache Jena, the most widely used semantic web development environment. We developed ELDA, our open source implementation of the Linked Data API and other API libraries, for which we also offer commercial support. Good examples of our work include the Hydrology Service, the Food Standards Agency Alerts API and the HM Land Registry UK House Price Index.

We provide Linked Data and other related technology support with our expert team. We work with you to understand, optimise and make the best use of our own technology, open source and other data technology platforms. We support architecture, design and operations, alongside data design and optimisation. We provide advice and consultancy to business IT Teams, service companies and others.

Data Strategy Development

Our consultants have extensive experience in helping clients to identify new opportunities for using or integrating datasets, do user research, and design and manage projects.

This could include helping you to scope out a project; identify suitable datasets for publication and produce a complete project plan. We are experienced in supporting organisations develop strategic data infrastructure plans and improve their data governance, and data maturity.

We bring our unique and extensive expertise to help you get the most out of your data, your data teams, and your data infrastructure.

Create a strategy for publishing your data as 5-star data or meeting FAIR data principles

Maximise the use of your data by building a strategy for internal data integration

Build a plan for growing your internal data capabilities

Enhance your data governance practices and build a data infrastructure

Model your data

Whether you are looking to build a data infrastructure to better connect data within your organisation, or looking to publish data for use by partners and others then good data modelling is critical.

We can work with you to help you model your data – building a firm foundation for the services you need while taking care to create models that are flexible and adapt as your data needs grow and extend.

We can help you scope the data modelling requirements – identifying needs for core reference data, deciding when to reuse existing ontologies and when to develop new ones. Then we can help you to develop the models you need, to manage them and to exploit them to connect your data.

Create reusable ontologies for safe and effective data integration

Build a flexible modelling foundation that can adapt as data changes

Develop identifier schemes and core reference data to connect data

Training and ontology review services available

Application Development

We have a wide range of experience in developing front-end and other applications targeted at either end-users or system maintainers and data-publishers. We can carry out user research with stakeholder groups to ensure that we can provide a user experience that meets people’s needs.

We have extensive experience in developing Data Applications for the UK public sector (including linked data applications). We can develop end-user applications on top of your data, making your data available to the people who need it the form that is most appropriate for them.

We have extensive practical experience building applications and larger platforms with strong, robust data architectures. We have positive client and end user feedback on our applications, APIs and other work.

Good examples of our work include the Hydrology Service, the Food Standards Agency Alerts API and the HM Land Registry UK House Price Index. See our project pages for more.

Make your data accessible to the people who need it

Data API development to support the management and publication of your linked data

Data explorers and embeddable web content (widgets) that support users to discover, explore and extract your data

Visualisations that help you build insight and tell compelling stories with your data