How can you manage very high volumes of data from environmental, or other, sensor networks while providing the high quality metadata needed to make the data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR)?

The Agora Measurement Store is a flexible, highly scalable, cost-effective solution for management of both data and metadata. It combines the best of both worlds.

Using Linked Data technology for storing the metadata, makes it easy to describe the features being monitored, the measurement series available and other metadata such as sensor information, maintenance history, whatever is necessary to make your data meaningful. The metadata model is open ended and flexible allowing you to use as simple, or as rich, a model as required. Using linked data approaches allows you to associate persistent, resolvable identifiers with your features of interest and measurement series, enabling data from different networks and different partners to be linked together.

For the high volume measurement data the Agora Measurement Store builds upon scalable cloud-native relational technology. The design has been proven to scale to over 5 billion measurement samples while delivering interactive retrieval speeds. It also allows each measurement to be annotated with additional flags to convey quality assessments or other metrics, further enriching the data.

A web API allows both data and metadata to be retrieved in JSON, CSV or Linked Data formats making it easy for your users and partners to work with the data.

Agora Measurement
Store in the wild

Hydrology Explorer

An example of the technology running at scale is the Environment Agency’s Hydrology Service. This combines the measurement store technology with a data explorer UI to enable you to search a map for features of interest, graph, explore data series at that location and then download it for further analysis.

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