Working at Epimorphics

We love working with data and creating technology which makes a difference – whether in small or ground breaking ways.

We are a team of passionate people who love solving interesting challenges. Our team includes accomplished computer scientists and
data experts who helped define the standards in the Semantic Web and Linked Data, and co-developed Apache Jena. We’ve built ground-breaking linked-data services for the public sector here in the UK and elsewhere. Many of our public sector and Open Data projects have a direct positive benefit for society.

Our History

Epimorphics Ltd a 100% employee owned company was formed in 2009. We’ve grown from that small base as a tech-startup to an exciting, innovative tech scale-up company based in Bristol (South West England).

Lots of updates to the FSA’s data services

Lots of updates to the Hydrology Service

Agora Concept Browser client testing began

After many years meeting all the principles we became a Prompt Payment Code Signatory

AI and ChatGTP use of Hydrology API project and blog post


14 years of Epimorphics

Supporting Agrimetrics

Major Hydrology Service Updates

Agora Catalog testing began

updates to key registers

Supporting the i10 ecosystem

The revamped Hydrology Data Service for the EA goes live

Decorative graphic - coral background with Tech Talk hashtag text in bold textured dark grey with offset white outline

We’ve been awarded the new contract for continuing to support the FSA data services

We grew our shareholder numbers (all staff can become shareholders)

Alex and Dan join the Epimorphics team

Register of CBD products linked to novel food applications

Register of CBD products linked to novel food applications is launched

The expanded regulated products service for the FSA goes live

Welcome to Beth, Tom, Jon and Viki all joining the team

We became a Carbon Neutral organisation

and a new Hydrology Explorer application for DEFRA, to include new stations and groundwater data

Jordan joined our team in January

Profile images of 4 of the interns that joined us this summer - Angela, Adrian, Redan and Louise

We welcome the rest of our summer 2020 interns to the team – Angela, Adrian, Redan and Louise

And we’ve also completed a research project for UK CEH

Solutions Architect, Kal Ahmed

and Kal also joined us

Intern, Helen

Helen joined us in the meantime as one of our interns

Homemade wooden stool with Epimorhpics Logo engraving made by Ian

Ian even made a wooden Epimorphics stool

Small model of London Skyline made as part of our Lockdown Lego Challenge
Lego model of yellow sports car

What a few months adapting to working from home. We’ve got stuck into the Epimorphics lego or maker challenge

Covid 19 hits the world and life as we know it changes

OPS Lead, Andrew

Followed by Andrew as our Ops Lead

Software Engineer, Bogdan Marc

Bogdan joined the team

Celebrating 10 years building the web of data. Confetti in background

Alex becomes a Director

Screenshot of the Epimorphics team in 2019

Go-live of a major upgrade to the FSA Alerts editor

Screenshot of the FSA alerts editor

We continued as a digital marketplace supplier on the GCloud 11 framework

Our 2019 summer Interns (Célia, Will, Charlie and Amy)

2019 summer interns, Célia, Will, Charlie and Amy
Screenshot of the FSA website homepage

FSA Internal Unified View data hub

We kicked off our 2019 Summer Intern Programme

Linked Data Modeller, Jan (Honza) Rosecky

Honza joined our Data Modelling team

Front end team member, Joseph Davies

Joseph joins our front-end team

Cupcakes with candles to celebrate 9th anniversary of Epimorphics



9 years old on the
9th of November

We’re now on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS3) framework

Crown Commercial Service Supplier Logo

The UK House Price Index (HPI) becomes an official statistic

Screenshot of the UK House Price Index website
Surface of body of water with ripples

We developed and run a service for displaying all the hydrographic information for the last 50 years

Screenshot of The Food Standards Agency's new digital registration service dashboard

The Food Standards Agency’s new digital registration service goes into private beta with the reference number generator we built

We developed a system to enable people to see the maintenance schedule of all Environment Agency’s assets

Stone bridge over river in a picturesque village

We continued as a digital marketplace supplier on GCloud 10

Crown Commercial Service Supplier Logo

Harry joins as our summer intern

Project team member, Kat

Kat joins the project team

Team member, Lizzie

Lizzie joins the team

The Food Standards Agency’s new website goes into beta using the Food Alerts API we built

Screenshot of the FSA website homepage
Employees working at computers

We’re also looking for new team members

Team member, Simon

Simon joins the team


We continue to grow with Max and Mihajlo staying with the team

Bread being dipped into pesto

The Food Standards Agency’s began internal testing of a new Food Alerts API service

We took on two summer interns (Max and Mihajlo)

The Food Standards Agency’s went live with their code repository and food types code service

We continued to support the Environment Agency with new data services


The Food Standards Agency’s first new open data service went live at

Team member, Mike

Mike joined us

Our first summer intern, Silviu, joined us.  Read more here about Silviu’s work.

Team member, Alex

Alex joined us after leading open data in Defra

The new UK House Price Index service went live for the Land Registry supporting the new developing national statistic

The Environment Agency's electronic Public Registers data service goes live with the first public register
Surface of Water

The EA River Levels and flood monitoring API goes live – a world first in terms of scale of open-linked data services


We join GCloud as a Crown Commercial Service supplier


We developed the Registry software for Defra, MetOffice and others.

Data map icon

We begin developing new data services for the Environment Agency as well as working with the Biotech sector in the UK, Europe and the US.

Overhead view of a busy city and financial district

We started projects with the finance sector in the UK and the US

We started a series of projects with UK publishing customers

Our office in Portishead

Moved to Portishead (our current home)

Environment Agency Logo

The prototype-Bathing Water Service for the EA went live


We supported the BBC in building their Sports Ontology

As well as some of the core standards and vocabularies such as ORG, Cube and the reference time series

We supported the development of the linked-data kernel as part of

We built two linked-data demonstrators for the Technology Strategy Board

2009 Epimorphics was founded

The team worked with W3C on many of the core standards and built much of the core technology.

The core of the team were there at the inception of the semantic web, while part of HP’s Semantic Web Research Programme in Bristol.