Our Technology

We believe strongly in the use of open standards and open source. Where possible, we release software that we have developed and our team also contribute to a number of open, reusable public ontologies.

Ontologies + Specifications Libraries Platform Patterns

ELDA is our implementation, in Java, of the Linked Data API.

The LDA is an open API specification designed to make it easy for web developers to access linked data from a triple store. Using the LDA, you can create linked data that is accessed both by SPARQL query, and directly from JavaScript via a simple, straightforward API.

The leading Java RDF, Apache Jena is a free and open source Java framework for building semantic web and linked-data applications. Originally developed at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, several of the original developers of Jena work for Epimorphics, and continue to contribute to the Apache community supporting ongoing development.

The Registry Core is our open source implementation of the Linked Data Registry. See the wiki for details on the design, data model and API specification for the registry.

Our open source data conversion library and tool chain. It provides a flexible way to convert source data in CSV format to publishable linked data.

The ORG Ontology is for representing organizational and reporting structures aimed at supporting linked data publishing of organizational information across a number of domains.

The RDF Data Cube Vocabulary is for representing mutli-dimensional statistical datasets in RDF.

The payments ontology was developed as a general purpose vocabulary for representing organisational spending information and is not specific to government or local government applications. It was developed to support UK Government and Local Government transparency reporting.

Guidance document to support understanding and implementation of linked data or the wider use of URIs as persistent identifiers. Developed as part of a cross UK Government standards initiative, building on the Cabinet Office Designing URI Sets for the UK Public Sector guidance.

A collection of our code that forms a core part of our technology and demonstration code can be found on our organisation’s GitHub area.

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