Introductory talk at BCS meeting

I gave an invited seminar on linked data to the BCS Data Management Specialist Group yesterday. Mostly introductory level but, given the possible audience, went into a more of the details on the information modelling aspects than I would normally do in an introductory talk.

It seemed to go down well. Lots of questions and discussions. People could definitely see the potential for the technology and the many different ways it can be used. Discussion included topics such as metadata management, e-Commerce uses like GoodRelations, inference and information extraction / text mining.

The slides are available from SlideShare: [Bad link]

I've resisted the temptation to tweak the slides to cover missing pieces that came up in the questions :) In particular, a great point was made about the value of this technology for externalizing your (meta)data in a standards based way, avoiding lock-in to proprietary information management tools. I'm so used to working with open standards that it's easy to forget the pain of lock-in.

Thanks to the BCS Data Management Specialist Group for hosting the event and particularly to Arthur Haynes for suggesting it and setting it up.

Thanks also to Ian (@ephemerian) from whom I stole the fin slide.