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2017 summer interns

Introducing our 2017 summer interns

Mihajlo and Max joined us in early June as as interns for the summer, as members of the Epimorphics front-end engineering team. Both are students studying Computer Science at the University of Bristol.

Mihajlo Milosavljevic

Mihajlo has just completed his second year at Bristol. His initial focus with us is the development of a situated data-visualisation application for Android devices, utilising multiple Environment Agency data sets.  Previously Mihajlo was part of the student project team working on a similar application as part of the software engineering team challenge.




Max Prettyjohns

Max  is a third year Computer Science student and will be graduating this year (congratulations Max!). His initial focus with us is the development of 2D and 3D data visualisations, using Environment Agency flood, river level and rainfall data sets.


We’re very happy to welcome them to the team, and look forward being able to demo the outcomes from their projects.

Mihajlo and Max working in the office