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Updates and a new UK coastal tide gauges service

It’s a busy time at our offices in Portishead with a broad range of projects underway. Yesterday, we highlighted that Max and Mihajlo have joined us as interns and have been busy exploring some of the data services that we publish.

In the last few years we have had many projects with near realtime or very regular updates, with all the challenges and interest that brings. This trend has continued:

Last week we turned on the update of the Environment Agency’s water quality data archive with a switch to daily automated updates. This service provides a rich resource that is now more useful to researchers and the Environment Agency’s partners with up-to-date data.

Screenshot from the Environment Agency website showing an update to the water quality data archive


Yesterday we flipped the switch on a brand new open data service: the UK coastal tide gauges. This publishes from the UK National Tide Gauge Network, owned and operated by the Environment Agency, on behalf of the UK Coastal Flood Forecasting service (a partnership between the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Northern Ireland Department for Infrastructure РRivers). It records tidal elevations at 44 locations around the UK coast. The data is available in near real time with measurements reported every 15 mins.

Screenshot from the Environment Agency website showing Tidal Gauge Readings

These add to a rich set of river and costal datasets. ¬†We’d love to hear about how you use any of these or any of the other data services we support.