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DataConnect 21: discussing data catalogues

But is it really that simple?

There are lots of data catalogue products and services available, from open source to expensive enterprise licenses, with everything in between. Catalogue features range from simply searching and filtering datasets, to automated tagging, business glossaries and embedded SQL notebooks.

But what really works? And what features do we still seek, that aren’t always well-supported by the current generation of catalogue products?

In our Data Connect 21 workshop, we’re aiming to lift the covers a bit, and share practitioners’ experiences of data catalogues and metadata management strategies, the good and the bad. We’d like people to come away from this discussion with some ideas for what’s working well in current implementations, and what questions to ask of vendors when considering starting a catalogue implementation, or switching to a different product.

We’re particularly hoping to give a space where people can share their lived experiences of running data catalogue projects, so that we can all learn from each other.

To sign up for this online workshop, please see the Data Connect 21 site. And we’re suggesting that attendees fill out a short pre-workshop questionnaire, to help get the conversation flowing.

We hope to see you there!

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