The Life Sciences and Healthcare sector is undergoing an enormous shift in bringing new drugs to market efficiently, researching and targeting health outcomes. To do this, organisations must become more efficient and better able to respond to emerging challenges. Data collection, integration and efficient management play a vital role in meeting these challenges. The sector has a strong business need for realising the commercial value of strategic information assets. Linked data and semantic technologies are a vital part of a scalable architecture that allows organisations to be data-driven. For example to shorten drug discovery cycles through better connected data.

We have worked with clients in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector.  This has focused on :

  • supporting internal data management activities and
  • helping to build data modelling capabilities within both R&D and operational functions.

Our technology, platform and services support organisations that need help building capability, exploring approaches and beginning to scale their data capacity.   We have worked in many sectors supporting similar data challenges. We have supported organisations where data integration adds real value.

The new internet, the semantic web, offers unprecedented potential, holding the hope of repowering a new golden age of drug discovery, eliminating duplication and redundancy so pharmaceutical companies compete in areas that offer a viable return on investment where pre-competitive collaboration helps all of us discover new therapies more effectively and efficiently, as patients and society demand it.

Hans Constandt, CEO Ontoforce

Research with Context

Improving how information is discovered for research with context that speeds up the discovery phase of projects

Ease Reuse

Our approach enables and eases reuse of your data across multiple domains, reducing costs and improving user experience

Improve Data Management

Our technology and platforms improve data management in a flexible and adaptive way through enforcing data standards and controlled vocabularies, reducing costs while improving outcomes

Data Modelling and Consultancy

Our data modelling and consultancy support your needs for exploring, designing and publishing reusable data as developer ready linked data.

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