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As the news, media and publishing industry responds to more and more data becoming available from government, consumers and new sources, the need to take advantage of this interconnected data grows. Linking up coverage and context is a challenge to traditional approaches. This is especially true during the fast pace of newsworthy events. Organizations able to take advantage of linked data and semantic technologies have an advantage. They will deliver to researchers within the organization a wealth of data and context quickly. Also in a way that improves content and builds more compelling stories. Data driven journalism is part of an adaptation and response to the changes in our information environment. It is key to building more compelling ways of telling stories.

In the media sector we have supported a number of large publishers in using linked data.  The focus has been to integrate internal operations, improve content reuse and better understand data.   For example, we helped BBC Sports to develop the data modelling that underpinned the award-winning 2012 Olympics site.  Helping to make data easier for a journalist to find, combine and use is a core part of our offering. We do this by helping to design your data infrastructure in a flexible and adaptive way.  Helping you take advantage of linked data and semantic technologies to organize and interlink data.  Building content to support multiple uses and rapid repurposing.

Model Driven Content

Our technology supports model driven content that reduces the overhead of connecting content to deliver to consumers quickly

Eases Reuse

Our approach enables and eases reuse of your data across multiple domains, reducing costs and improving user experience

User Centred Design

We follow a user centred design approach for the data and technology, that helps target outcomes and delivers data and services that people want to use

Data Driven Journalism

We enable and support data driven journalism by connecting data and context in a way that can adapt and scale to meet the changing needs of the organization


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