The retail sector has a diversity of data and systems. There is a growing interest in improving connections between information to: help improve customer experience, reduce costs and better target the business. Linking data from different places adds value. Drawing inference and context can return more relevant and powerful information. Trigger automatic actions and improve the competitive advantage of organisations.

We have worked with large players in the retail sector and associated standards bodies. We have supported research activities that focus on improving the way that information flows across complex organisations.   This has aided meeting efficiency challenges.  We have also worked with a number of the regulators of industry and can support streamlined data or compliance reporting to government.  We do this in a way that reduces risks and costs.

It is necessary for retailers and brand owners to put in place the digital infrastructure to be able to link their various data properties (such as technical specifications, ingredients, nutritional information etc) relating to their products.

The benefits of using structured data, GS1 UK

Data Modelling and Consultancy

Our data modelling and consultancy supports Environmental organisations in how they explore, design and publish reusable data as developer ready linked data.

Supply Chain Management

Our technology supports supply chain management with strategic coordination of assets at a data level and enforcement of data standards to support interoperability across a diverse set of systems

Managing Carbon Footprint

The Managing Carbon Footprinting project demonstrated an approach for the industry to publish and share Life Cycle Assessment Data publicly or privately within supply chains to support decisions about the sustainability implications of choices they make

compliance reporting

Our platform enables improved Compliance Reporting with regulators, improving data-flows and removing misinterpretation by regulators.

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