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Sensor data & metadata standards review

We provided consultancy expertise for the “Environmental sensor network data and metadata review and development” project, this report helps inform the way that UKCEH will take forward its plans around modelling, managing and describing its sensor data. The report contains a review of a number of technical specifications originating with the ISO, OGC and W3C…

In particular it recommends the development of a JSON-LD based format built around core concepts drawn jointly from ISO19156 Observations and Measurements and W3C Semantic Sensor Networks (SSN)/Sensor, Observation, Sample and Actuator (SOSA); the use of the Complex Property Model for semantically grounded property descriptions; OGC Sensor ML for the description of sensor instances and types; and INSPIRE Environmental Monitoring Facilities for describing sites and their monitoring capabilities.

For time series representation it recommends the use of observation collections (a SSN/SOSA extension) which also serve as a point of attachment for property/values shared by all observations in a collection.