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Standard Report Builder

HM Land Registry publishes open data on prices paid for properties sold in England and Wales. For customers who want aggregated price data for statistical analysis, this standard reports application allows anyone to configure a report for various geographical areas in England and Wales. We worked with HMLR to design, build and run this service.

Standard Reports are based on data collected at the time a property transaction was registered with the Land Registry. Because data is captured at the time of registration, updates to counties or postcodes will not be shown on sales before the changes took effect.

Create free reports from the individual house price records of all residential property sales in England and Wales lodged with us for registration since 1 January 1995. The Land Registry data contains more than 25 million definitive records and is updated with thousands of new sales every month, though some data is excluded from reports.

Data can be downloaded in a form suitable for use in a spreadsheet or other data analysis tool.

Reports can show aggregated data for any:

  • region
  • county
  • district or London borough
  • postcode area: such as GL
  • postcode district: such as GL1
  • postcode sector: such as GL1 2