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Price Paid data and API

The UK HPI aggregates Price Paid Data (PPD) to provide a transparent and unbiased view of the housing market. It is hugely influential. HM Treasury, the Bank of England, and a raft of other Government departments, rely on the data for policy decisions. This service presents unrestricted data in an easy-to-comprehend way. We worked with…

The  HM Land Registry’s Price Paid Data (PPD) provides details of all property sales in England and Wales that are sold for value and are lodged with HM Land Registry as Open Data. It is updated monthly and data is available from 1995.

The data can be accessed and searched interactively via a highly flexible web-based user interface (see screenshot below) and then downloaded if desired, or can be accessed directly programmatically via an API (Application Programming Interface). The latter is widely used and then re-used by organisation and companies such as estate agents, house buying websites, financial organisations including, HM Treasury, the Bank of England, as well as a raft of other Government departments.

Screenshot of HM Land Registry’s Price Paid Data (PPD) web-based user interface showing an empty search form. The textual title is ‘Search the price paid dataset’. The form can take a wide range of search terms or features. The instructions read ‘Enter one or more search terms to locate the property transactions you are interested in’. Search options are: Building name or number, Street, Town or City, District, County, Locality, Postcode, Property Type (e.g. detached, terraced, etc.), New Build (new-build and/or non new-build), Estate type (freehold and/or leasehold), Transaction category (standard and/or additional), Minimum price (numeric entry), Maximum price (numeric entry), Date (earliest and latest) and how many results (at most 100, at most 1000, all). 

Buttons at the bottom of the screen are ‘help’, ‘reset the form’ and ‘show results’
HM Land Registry Price Paid Data Search Page

In addition users can create customised aggregated data analysis of the Price Paid Data as ‘Standard Reports’ this enables users to configure a report for various geographical areas in England and Wales, from the country level down to postcode sectors over a defined period of time.

Epimorphics worked with HMLR to design and build the service, which we also run.