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Unified View Data Hub

We worked with the FSA to design, build and run a service that focuses on integrating and improving internal data from multiple sources about food businesses and establishments. The Unified View service is the set of services bringing the data back from local authorities to the Food Standards Agency. It provides a platform to integrate…

Data from local authorities from registrations can be categorised and dissected to show trends in food service operators around the country.

The Food Standards Agency’s Regulating Our Future (ROF), launched in 2016, is a flagship programme designed to modernise the way that the food industry is regulated – underpinning ROF and the data driven FSA is Unified View, an integrated data hub that allows the central competent authority (the FSA) to integrate data on food and feed establishments from multiple sources. This supported the FSA’s approach to ROF alongside it’s innovative data strategy.

We have reconciled records of an apparent 1.64 million addresses of potential food and feed business locations to over 550,000 active, located business premises.  Unified View pulls together the data from disparate sources to provide different users in the FSA with the ability to explore the data, build reports and export the data for wider investigation – all in a secured environment.  

We have helped to enhance the data within Unified View by reconciling the data with common standard addresses (from Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase products). 

The data is updated daily, from multiple operational systems from across the FSA, integrated to a common data model and standards. Data is then available through an explorer, CSV downloads, a data API and a SQL endpoint that is consumed in the FSA by a set of PowerBI dashboards.

The Unified View service is made up of:

  • a set of data processing,  ingest & reconciliation tooling
  • a data model & data hub
  • a data API query & access
  • a data explorer & download (user interface)
  • and an associated reference number generator micro-service
Decorative image - screenshot displayed on a MacBook pro screen. Screenshot of the Food Standards Agency’s Unified View of food and feed establishment data.