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Team introductions – Beth


My name is Beth, I am the Finance Administrator at Epimorphics and I joined the team in February 2022. I work part time as I have two young children at home as well as a dog and two cats, all of whom find plenty of ways to take up my time and who enjoy finding new ways to join in with online meetings!

I grew up in the Forest of Dean, and the area remains an important part of my heart and soul! Outside of work, I am involved with the RAF Air Cadets and can generally be found out and about in my local community; I am always able to recommend somewhere for a nice cup of tea and a bit of cake! I also play the clarinet and tenor saxophone to a mildly acceptable standard.

before Epimorphics

Prior to joining, I had taken some time out of employment to establish my family. Since leaving the University of Exeter in 2013 however I have worked in a variety of sectors including education, customer service and the financial sector. I discovered that I really enjoyed working within a small team of people but found that I struggled in larger scale organisations and am much better suited to smaller companies, so was very pleased to find myself at Epimorphics!

This has been my first role working in accounting and payroll but I am really enjoying the discovery process so far and feel very lucky as I have been really well supported throughout!

joining Epimorphics

I was slightly nervous joining Epimorphics in a new role with a 4.5 month old at home, but the team were immediately welcoming and willing to work around me and my young family. It was lovely to step into a small company who really value communication and quality in their work and I felt part of the team almost immediately. 

what do I do?

My main role is supporting the business with finance, accounting and payroll but I also get to help with other areas within the company such as health & safety, helping to organise social events and some of our corporate reporting. My day to day activities tend to include answering emails, preparing invoices and nagging my wonderful colleagues about keeping their timesheets up to date(!)

Now that my children are getting older I’m increasing my hours which means that I am starting to be able to develop my understanding of what we do as a business and am hopeful that one day I might even be able to understand how we do it! For the last six months or so we have been having monthly interest talks in our offices which I have been really enjoying and getting a lot from.

the future

I am really excited to continue to develop at Epimorphics and see where I am able to go with the company. I love our team and our values so am optimistic that we will continue to go from strength to strength! I’m also encouraging more of the team to write a post about their background and work, so hopefully we will see more of those soon.