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Environment Agency Water Quality Archive (WIMS) update

The Environment Agency Water Quality Archive API and data service is a rich resource of water quality sampling data from across England.

Open WIMS Water Quality Archive
Example of the water quality archive WIMS data service

We updated the data service for the Environment Agency’s data team yesterday with a large increase to the available data.  Previously, the pilot only included a subset of data. This meant that there was only 15 years of data for sites that had been ‘active’ in the previous 5.

Yesterday’s update provides data for most sampling points.  This includes over 58k sampling points, 3.9million samples and nearly 54million measurements.  All the data available since 2000 is available (except for some specific exclusions) – which amounts to 16 years worth of data including sites that have not been sampled for 5 years or more.

Many of the other data services we run can be found on our live-projects page.