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growing the team

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As we’ve described in previous posts the team has a lot of interesting projects underway with a number of our clients. A great problem to have but we need to grow the team.

We are currently advertising for technical roles in the team. Take a look at our careers page for the back-end Java developer advert.

We are working with Techfolk – our recruitment partner – to help identify our new team members, and Vittoria will be pleased to answer your questions, to tell you more and, if you’d like to proceed, to receive your CV. You can apply here.

We need people who love to explore new technologies and would relish working with recognised experts in the field, meeting new challenges. We’ll have different roles through the year to help us grow.

Everything we do is built around having a great team. There are always opportunities to undertake practical engineering in real innovative and novel settings.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you. Even if you don’t see a role that is right for you now but think you’d be a great fit for us then we’d still love to hear from you.