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new services for the EA and FSA

Food Codes

Screenshot and Link to the Food Standards Agency code repository

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has turned on the alpha of their data standards, reference data and code repository built on the open source registry software that we helped build.

This has gone live with a mixture of simple and complex code lists. For example the Food Type Coding based upon Foodex2.0. The Food Types registers provide a web-accessible copy of the FoodEx2 standardised food classification and description system from the European Food Standards Agency. Helping the FSA to code the data in their reporting data in URI form.


 Catchment Data

Screenshot of Catchment Data and link to the Environment Agency website
The Environment Agency has released the beta of the new Catchment Data Downloader. This aims to provide improved access to data for download.


  Screenshot of Catchment Data API Page and link to Environment Agency websiteIn addition, the Environment Agency has updated its Catchment Data API providing rich access to the range of river basin management data.



The team

Mihajlo Milosavljevic 
Last week we said goodbye for a short-while to Mihajlo one of our summer interns who’s planning the next phase of his University of Bristol course. Mihajlo has been working on some visualisation projects with us and has blogged about his work. For example see the myRivers post

Max Prettyjohns

Max has joined the team after completing a summer with us also as one of our fantastic interns. Max has also been working through the summer on interesting projects (see for example visualisations post). Max joins the developer team supporting both internal and client projects.


Lizzie Scuffell, team member

We’ve also welcomed Lizzie Scuffell who’s working with us in supporting work we are doing with the Food Standards Agency. Hopefully, we’l be sharing more about soon.


We are growing Epimorphics and hope to be saying more soon about the great opportunities to join our team.  We will be saying more at: