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EA Data Visualisation Demonstrator

We designed, built and ran the flood monitoring API initially for the Environment Agency, The service allowed access to open data for rainfall, river and tide levels. Data was available from thousands of stations across the UK for the last month. This visualisation was built to demonstrate the open data available online to give an…

The visualisation begins with a view of the latest data available for each station. From here, you can select a date and data type, then an animated view of the data for that day will be displayed.

This is downloaded directly using multiple requests to the EA flood monitoring API so may take some time to download, once cached this will load much faster, however. Using this API you have access to data collected from the last month.Flooding data displays a heatmap of river levels from all the monitoring locations.

You can also select the current date for a look at data for the current day, however, some data may not appear until all the telemetry is collected.

The code for this project is available at the Epimorphics Github page.