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Creating RDF Explorer

RDF is a model for structuring and linking data on the web by using URIs to name the relationship between things as well as the two ends of the link. It allows structured and semi-structured data to be exposed and shared across different applications so that it is more useful.
It’s a big part of what we do, and therefore are always eager to find new ways of demonstrating to people how it works, and what it does. By making an application that users can play with, they can move through the levels and see why it’s so useful.

As part of running internships this summer, we all got together virtually once a week to get updates on each of the projects and ask advice from more experienced members of the team. Part of the sessions were run by some of our more experienced developers at Epimorphics, to give a talk on a particular subject to help deepen the knowledge in that area, and give everyone a chance to ask questions and learn from each other.
It gave Louise a chance to meet up with others that were part of the group with more specialised knowledge, and arrange to schedule in other sessions throughout the week to grill them on how they might tackle a particular challenge that she was facing in building the application.

“I really enjoyed working with Vue.js, which the team at Epimorphics use a lot, but I hadn’t come across before. I learnt a lot using that, as well as learning about design and user interaction”. “It’s been good to see how companies actually work on projects” despite being more difficult with COVID to be a part of the team. “The sessions with Stuart on Linked Data were particularly helpful in developing the RDF application.”

“Thank you to everyone for letting me do this internship, and particularly to Ian in being able to pick his brain on the build”.

Louise is heading back for her second year this September and hoping to explore robotics further to see if that’s an area that she may want to go into in the future.

Keen to find out a bit more about how RDF works and how structured data can be useful? Have a go at working through the levels on RDF explorer on Louise’s application:

If you’re looking for an internship next summer, keep an eye out on our internships page for when we advertise roles next year.

Written by Gemma Hayhurst in collaboration with Louise Bilous (a #TechTalk article)