How do you get the most value from your data? It needs to be accessible and understood by those using it. It needs to be reliable and accurate, as well as always up to date.

At Epimorphics, as we build on our experience developing data solutions for clients, we have the technical resources and the expertise to make your data useful.

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Data Management System

Our fully automated tools manage data conversion, cloud-server provisioning, monitoring and audit tracking, providing a robust and flexible platform integrating with your existing workfow.


Linked Data Publishing

Make your data accessible to your team or customers with our secure publishing platform. We have extensive experience in solving the practical challenges that arise in publishing linked-data.


Linked Data Registry

Minimise confusion with consistently labelled data – right across the board.


Application Development

Maximise your impact by bridging the gap between your data and your users’ requirements.


We have experience in implementing innovative linked data systems for numerous clients across a range of market sectors, including finance, media and IT solutions, using our expertise to help businesses organise, publish and exploit linked data. We have worked with everyone from national

governments, to not-for-profit organisations, and enterprises – including both global corporates and smaller start up businesses. Speak to us about how to get the most out of your data to inform and empower your users.

A Complete Solution

your data

We work with both businesses and public sector organisations to develop strategies that make effective use of their data. From assisting with modelling prototype solutions, right through to live deployments, we can work with you to transform your data into linked data. Make the most of our extensive experience by working with us to develop front-end applications targeted at end-users or system maintainers.

Whether you need an flexible API for your developers, or an intuitive user interface for your customers or in-house teams, our user-needs driven approach will ensure that we can meet your audience’s requirements. We have a track record of innovative projects, with a range of UK and overseas clients. Where appropriate, we release our code as open-source, accessible via Github. For more details see our live projects and case studies.

Consultancy and Linked Data Modelling

Epimorphics offers consultancy, data modelling, software design and development services to support organisations in getting the most out of their data. Whether you are looking to build a linked data infrastructure to better connect data within your organization, or looking to publish data for use by partners and others – we can help you explore, evaluate and develop the right strategy and solution for your organisation.


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Take advantage of everything your data has to offer. We can show you how to use your linked data to take your business to the next step.

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Data Sharing Platform

Our Data Sharing Platform is a resilient, scalable and cloud-based solution for publishing data. It hosts data for a wide range of our public and private sector clients, and is available as a fully hosted and managed enterprise solution, or installed locally on your own infrastructure.

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Reference Data Manager

For data to be useful, it has to be structured in a way that is meaningful. Our registry provides the tools to manage a hierarchy of reference terms and denitions, as well as a rich API for updating and accessing the reference data, meaning users can reliably reference and interrogate data descriptions and controlled vocabularies.

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What does it cost?

We work with both small start-ups to global corporates to manage and make data usable. As your business needs and data changes over time, your system can be updated quickly and easily too. No need to build an expensive new system, it’s quick and easy to make small, iterative changes that mean it will always reflect your business.

Our pricing reflects the amount of data you have and what you’re looking to do with it. Contact us for a customised quote that will suit your needs. For public sector customers we have a number of services available on the Digital Marketplace.

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