Our work is varied and covers a range of sectors including the tech arena and service based projects. We help organisations connect data, making more effective use of your information through open, standards-based linked data tools and techniques.

Find out more about some of our projects with the Food Standards Agency and various environmental agencies, as well as with The National Archive, Local Government and the Cabinet Office.


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  • CBD products on the market

    Certain food and feed products, called regulated products, require authorisation before they can be sold in Great Britain. One type of regulated products are novel foods – that is foods that don’t have a ‘history of consumption’. Cannabidiol (CBD) food products are a type of novel food. CBD food products are on the market and…


  • Food Alerts Wrapper

    This is a Python wrapper for the FSA Food Alerts API. This project was undertaken as part of one of our intern projects in 2020, and created with the aim of making interactions with the API much simpler so developers can focus on processing and analysing the data it provides.


  • Regulated Products Register

    Certain food and feed products, called regulated products, require authorisation before they can be sold in the UK. For most regulated product types, once products or processes are authorised, they are listed in relevant legislation, which also sets out how they can be used. The register service provides a searchable tool for business and other…


  • Data Catalog Editor

    We worked with the FSA to design, build and run a service to supports the Government’s drive for transparency and the Agency’s own core value of openness and transparency with a open data catalog and internal management tool.


  • Unified View Data Hub

    We worked with the FSA to design, build and run a service that focuses on integrating and improving internal data from multiple sources about food businesses and establishments. The Unified View service is the set of services bringing the data back from local authorities to the Food Standards Agency. It provides a platform to integrate…


  • Food Alerts Editor

    One of the FSA’s key roles is responding to concerns about food safety. As part of the digital transformation program, one of the biggest projects was to streamline the food and allergy alerts (product recalls) that both manufacturers and consumers rely on. We worked with the FSA to design, build and run a service that…


  • Reference Number Generator

    We worked with the FSA to design a specification and implementation to provide a standard method for generating reference numbers for a number of special cases within the FSA.


  • Food Types

    We worked with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to design and build a demonstration implementation of an open linked data version of the FoodEx2 standard. The Food Types registers provide a web-accessible copy of the FoodEx2 standardised food classification and description system from the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA). Helping the FSA to code the…


  • Safety Alerts

    Food Standards Agency (FSA) Food Alerts are the primary mechanism by which the public are alerted that food products are recalled because of allergen related or other issues. We worked with the FSA to develop programatic access via an API (Application Programming Interface) to the alerts data so that it can easily be reused by…


  • FSA Codes

    Like many organisations, and especially public bodies, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) manages and maintains a growing set of codelists, controlled vocabularies and other data standards in support of its own activities. This reference data is also used to support a broader ecosystem of Local Authorities and other actors that provide and exchange data related…



    We worked with FSA to design and build the data catalogue platform. The platform enables FSA to collate, manage and provide access to their open data, both via a user interface and programatically via an API