Epimorphics Public Training Course

Epimorphics are planning a public one day ‘Introduction to Linked Data’ course in the Autumn (2013). It will target people new to Linked Data who want to:

Epimorphics and G-Cloud

Epimorphics now have three services available for procurement via G-Gcloud.
G-Cloud ( is a UK Government system to enable the public sector to procure cloud services simply. Since G-Cloud suppliers have already entered into a framework agreement with the UK Government procurement of these services by the UK public sector is very straightforward.

Linked-data UI's: a response to David Karger

I wasn't at this year's ESWC conference, so I missed David Karger's keynote talk on A semantic web for end users. I'm sure it was a great talk, and I hope there will be a video version on the ESWC web site someday soon.

Epimorphics provides linked data publishing service for the Land Registry

The Land Registry is now publishing its data on prices paid for houses sold in England and Wales as Linked Data (

Linked Open Data Business Models

 Jeni Tennison has blogged about Open Data Business Models ( Like all Jeni's writings it's useful and insightful. But I resonated particularly strongly with one comment in her blog:  "I don’t think anyone is likely to publish open data well if they don’t have some motivation that is a lot nearer to home than ‘helping grow the economy’".

Driving the bathing water quality API from JavaScript

screenshot of demo

Epimorphics builds a data publish platform for the Environment Agency

Epimorphics has developed a linked data publishing system for the UK Environment Agency in support of their Bathing Water data. Ian has described the application; this blog entry describes the data publishing platform.

Epimorphics helps Environment Agency publish 2012 bathing water linked-data

Epimorphics has just completed a project with the Environment Agency to publish the seasonal bathing water quality data as linked data. This linked data can be explored and re-used by members of the public, software developers and data scientists alike.

Bathing water data explorer

Semtech exhibition

We had a great time at the Semantic Technologies Business Conference in London last week. Many good conversations with people throughout the two days, and lots to follow up on.

Introductory talk at BCS meeting

I gave an invited seminar on linked data to the BCS Data Management Specialist Group yesterday. Mostly introductory level but, given the possible audience, went into a more of the details on the information modelling aspects than I would normally do in an introductory talk.

It seemed to go down well. Lots of questions and discussions. People could definitely see the potential for the technology and the many different ways it can be used. Discussion included topics such as metadata management, e-Commerce uses like GoodRelations, inference and information extraction / text mining.